7 big companies giving back to schools in big ways

There are many companies out there who are trying to make sure that children are educated. There are many ways like collecting and booking order money from personal classrooms. There are many ways that these big companies have found many ways to help schools get back to children in big ways.


Facebook is a tech giant which was founded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which is a Facebook’s non-profit organization which has a mission of trying to commit to a better future for the children. The two major areas of focus is science and education, which provides them with a goal of helping children learn and grow. They have donated thousands and millions of dollars to school nationwide.


The Non-profit organization is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which can grant focus to the K-12 education section of the world. The foundation aims at investing the programs that can help in strengthening and bring the right kind of communication between students and the teachers. They also perform direct donations to schools and are known to work with educators and policymakers to identify innovative solutions that can help unlock the potential of these students. They try to expand and also try to improve existing programs which can help you succeed as a student.


Verizon started to help the underserved schools with the help of their Verizon Innovative Learning school program. They try to provide tablets to students with the right data plans, which can help students learn to make use of free learning programs through their mobile learning academy.


Coca-Cola is a company which is committed to giving 1% of their operating income to The Coca-Cola Foundation. The foundation prioritizes areas which can have global initiatives to help empower women. They also focus on the clean water initiative and also contribute to the organizations which can help in the process.


Google not only provides Google Education services but also make sure that google.org can provide the right grants which can help students from all across the globe get the change to educate themselves. They focus on major world problems in education that need a hand and also provide community grants which can impact local schools.


This is a Walt Disney Company which is trying to give back to education by means of book donations. They donate more than 23.1 million books to children and have spent more than $333.3 million in non-profit organizations who work to help kids, families and communities by means of grants or scholarships.


Expedia encourages the company to help select any local charitable organization for donation. They also conduct many education programs for children where they teach In-class writing instructions, professional theatre performances and museum filed trips to help ensure that they can give back.

7 big companies giving back to schools in big ways

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